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Almeda University School of Theology
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Almeda University School of Theology
Almeda University School of Theology

Is Almeda University a scam?

Professor: Lentz    School: UCLA

Response: The question, once posed, begs other questions-even to the nature of questioning itself. Why ask the question? Who is asking the question? What, in empirical and ontological cognition, is a question? When one asks if Almeda University (and I use the moniker of university highly advisedly) is indeed a scam or not, one is at once calling attention to his own ignorance and announcing to the world at large his own need to either be informed, educated, or persuaded to avoid such an "institution." To be perfectly frank-as the man on the street might say-I find it laughable to even discuss such a topic with any degree of seriousness, as the answer is tautologically there for all to see who have eyes. But then, clear vision is not the public's long suit. Thus and therefore, I have been summoned to shed light on this subject.

As a tenured professor of logic and critical thinking at a major university-not a diploma mill such as Almeda "University"-I can only conclude that today's public are so grossly stupid and ill-informed that they are wallowing in their ignorance as they search in vain for an education without actually becoming educated in the classical and legitimate sense. It is clear without equivocation or further need for debate that the sort of "student" attracted to Almeda University and their ilk is, in today's terminology, a slacker, loser, and/or dead beat who is looking for the path of least resistance offered by Almeda. Such people are, to be frank (once again), most likely too stupid and ill-equipped to attend a real university. Thus, are they being scammed? Only if on top of their inveterate stupidity they are also clinically certified idiots who actually believe that Almeda a) is legitimate, b) means anything whatsoever that they say, c) can offer them an education, and d) is worth the money it costs to buy their degree. But then, the stupidity of the general public never ceases to amaze me.

So, back to the question, which to my mind is really no question at all, but a statement disguised as a question. The answer is yes and no. It is a scam if the ignorant fools who buy into it actually believe they're getting anything for their money. But it is not a scam if those same fools are fools not because they believe what Almeda says but because they go along with it regardless of whether it's worth doing or not. A fool is a fool, either way.

Here is my question to complete my answer to this question: Why not attend a real university? Do not tax your feeble minds in attempting to answer my question. I will save you the awful effort of having to think. You are not attending a real university because you are too ignorant, stupid, and ill-equipped mentally to succeed at a real university where professors like me will eat you alive and spit you out.

So, go get your Almeda degrees. We don't want you fools in our universities anyway. Almeda is actually doing us a favor so that we don't have to suffer through you fools being in our classes actually learning something. We don't have to suffer you trying to scam us. Ultimately, who is the scammer? It's you -- trying to cheat the system by trying to pass off your Almeda paper as if you really learned something. When you get your job with your Almeda degree, your colleagues will eat you alive. I would be surprised if you last more than a week.